<p>Today we have several data releases scheduled. </p><p>We will start with the industrial production figures for Japan followed by industrial production and GDP data for the UK. </p><p>Analysts anticipate a modest 0.1% rise in UK GDP m/m, after a 0.2% increase last month. ING analysts attribute March's growth to a rebound in retail activity after a slow Christmas season. This could indicate a recovery from last year's recession, but it remains to be seen if the momentum is sustained. </p><p>Market watchers will also keep an eye out for remarks from MPC Member Greene who is expected to speak in a panel discussion titled “Why is the US growing faster than Europe? And, must Europe change course? at the Delphi Economic Forum, in Greece. The speech is not likely to generate market movements, but it's worth monitoring for potential insights. </p><p>In the Eurozone, the focus will be on the German, French and Spanish CPI data, alongside the ECOFIN and Eurogroup meetings. Traders will also watch for any comments from Japanese officials regarding the JPY's strength, which could stir market volatility. </p><p> Later in the day, we’ll get the UoM consumer sentiment and UoM inflation expectations for the U.S. FOMC Members Bostic and Daly are also scheduled to deliver their remarks. </p><p> Have a great day and a profitable trading session.</p>

This article was written by Gina Constantin at www.forexlive.com.